How to Automate Your Job Search

This is a quick post on how I get freelance jobs.

Setting up Email Alerts on If This Then That (ifttt). Many job sites have RSS feeds e.g. Craigslist, job aggregator,,

Most of my jobs are from Upwork, 1-3 jobs a month, I have 2 contracts that are above 75/hr. I probably make less than $1000 per month from Upwork. – rare but I do go through them once a week or when my leads dry up. These jobs vary from $100 – $500. Probably 1 job every 3 months.
Reddit – subreddit:forhire, I have set up IFTTT for these. I am surprised that there quite a number of leads coming through here but so far my rates are too high for them.
My Products and Website – I get referrals for the product I had on Codecanyon. I got a few job these way.
Offline Referrals – From ex-colleagues, I got a 5 figure deal and retainer from this source.
local recruiting sites – mostly sub-contract work from other agency. The paid is equivalent to a full-time job but it only last 1 or 2 months.
Other online job boards – I set up an automated notification for all the job boards and twitter. There are a lot of jobs here but I have not been able to get any.
Cold email – No success.
As a freelancer, you need to constantly work on your lead source and exploring a new lead source. I probably spent more time looking for jobs than actually working on them so creativity and automation are key.