A tool to convert PSD to PNG

There is a Command-line (Terminal) tool from Telegraphics called PSDParse that parse Photoshop PSD format files and dump layers to PNG files.

psd2png.exe -w Filename.psd

usage: psd2png.exe [options] psdfile…
-h, –help show this help
-v, –verbose print more information
-q, –quiet work silently
-w, –writepng write PNG files of each raster layer (and merged composite)
-d, –pngdir dir put PNGs in directory (implies –writepng)
-m, –makedirs create subdirectory for PNG if layer name contains \’s
-l, –list write an ‘asset list’ of layer sizes and positions
-s, –split write each composite channel to individual (grey scale) PNG